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  • His Gurukul

    His institution Antara Sangeet Vidyalaya (Govt. Regd.) carries the responsibility of very talented yet financially handicapped students, providing them free of cost boarding, lodging etc, in the age old tradition of Guru Shiswa Parampara.

  • Antara Sangit Vidyalaya

    Antara Sangit Vidyalya was established in 1988 to promote Indian classical Dance& Music in the world. Antara is the dance troupe of Antara sangit Vidyalaya. Antara in its five years journey has been acclaimed as a dance troupe. Inaugurated on 21st October 2003 by Mr Md. Salim (Hon'ble Member of Parliament & Former Minister of Govt. of West bengal, India)& Mr. radha Krishan Poddar (Chief Founder Antara sangit vidyalaya). The foundation is an only such organization in west Bengal, India that promotes Indian Classical Music & Dance through teaching, performing, presenting artist and creating various artistic productions and presenting them at various venues in India & Abroad.

  • Flourishing Talents

    Antara has presented unique performances promoting Indian arts and culture to the community such as Ritu Sanharam, sita haran, shri Krishna, kalia Daman, Makhan chori, and Kalidas' Shakuntalam etc. The foundation has received several Award from Utkal Yuva Sanskritic Sangha, (a corporate body of UNESCO) Orrissa, Nistha Sanskritik sangha, Gurgaon United Artists, Patiyala and more.


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About Me

The message of the perennial music of India has for some years from now found one of his enterprising envoy in the enging and suave personalty of Shri Prosenjit Poddar, who by the demonstration of his superb artistic excellence as an Indian Classical instrumentalist all the world over, has given us to understand that maturity should not be attributed to time born as he was on the 19th day of May 1972. His father Shri Radha Krishna Poddar, a well known sitarist. At the age of five Prosenjit was placed under the tutelage of Shri Biswajit Pal, who was the senior disciple of Pandit Swapan Chowdhury, a celebrated tabla exponent of Lucknow Gharana, nextly the basis his style on the intensive traning, he received from his Guru, Ustad Sabir Khan, the eminent tabla wizard of Farukabad Gharana.Prosenjit's music is the spontaneous expression of his powerful emotion and his deep knowledge of tabla. It is undoubtedly through his clarity and elegance of performance both as an accompanist and as a soloist that he has achived such respect throughout the world as a true master of tabla. In addition to being reputed Prosenjit has accompanists of eldert and younger celebrities such as Pandit V.G YOG, Ustad Ali Ahamed Hossien, Pt. Dulal Roy, pt. Viswa mohan vatt, Pt Tarun bhattacharya, Pt Om Prakash maharaj, guru Bandana Sen, Guru Srilekha Mukherjee, Guru Swasati Sen.

Qualification: He completed his Post Graduate from Burdwan University. Sangit Prabin (M.A) from Pryag Sangit Samiti, Allahabad. Sangeet Bisharad from Prachin Kala Kendra, Chandigarh. Sangeet Bishard from Nikhil Bharat Sangit Samiti, Kolkata with Gold Medal. Sangeet Kalabid from Purobi Sangit O Kala Kendra, Kolkata with Gold Medal.

Music Carrier: Prosenjit has perform in All India Radio and Doordarshan and various channels in Television. Prosenjit is a Examiner of Prayag Sangit Samiti, Allahabad, Purbi Sangit O Kala Kendra, Kolkata. He is Principal of Antara Sangeet Vidyalaya (Govt. Regd.) Cassettes and CDs of Prosenjit has released with Pt, V.G. Yog & Pt Tarun bhattacharya.
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